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Describing the “Perfect High”

New Post From DankXDrank The Global Drug Survey asked its participants to describe the “perfect high.”  Their answer sounds pretty good to me.   So what would the effects be of perfect pot — or “balanced bud” as the Global Drug Survey calls it? Users want their cannabis to be strong and pure. And they want it to have […] LIKE&REBLOG

The Coolest Person Alive

New Post From DankXDrank Her name is Ashoi-Pan, 13 years old, and she lives with her family in Mongolia.  She hunts with a golden eagle as a weapon.  Got to be the coolest person alive.   You will want to look at this original post WHICH IS HERE. [image: BBC] LIKE&REBLOG

12 of 15: South Dakota

New Post From DankXDrank Next on our list of the seldom seen is South Dakota, the “Mount Rushmore State.” Here we find both mmj and recreational cannabis standing out in the rain with the door slammed in their faces. But this struggle is not over.   South Dakota’s 2013 legislative session saw lawmakers in Pierre consider two proposals to […] LIKE&REBLOG

Legal Cannabis Does Not Create Crime

New Post From DankXDrank Yes, we all know what the law enforcement types claim at the top of their lungs.  Let’s go in search of the truth.   Opponents of marijuana legalization, particularly members of law enforcement, frequently claim that liberalizing cannabis laws will lead to an increase in incidences of criminal activity, such as burglary, robbery, and driving […] LIKE&REBLOG

11 of 15: South Carolina

New Post From DankXDrank Today’s seldom seen place is South Carolina, where the first shots of the Civil War* were fired and Stephen Colbert was born.  Let’s take a look at the cannabis scene.   We’ve seen this previously — the truth about cannabis / medical marijuana seeping into hardened attitudes about the plant not based on science but […] LIKE&REBLOG

Colorado: Lots More Tax $$$ Than Expected

New Post From DankXDrank Follow the tax money to ultimate re-legalization. America loves money.   Colorado, the first state to tax legalized recreational marijuana sales, expects to bring in an estimated $98 million in revenue this year, exceeding the state’s original expectations by 40 percent. The state began levying sales and excise taxes on recreational marijuana on January 1, […] LIKE&REBLOG

10 of 15: Pennsylvania

New Post From DankXDrank Pennsylvania, “The Keystone State” is our next seldom visited jurisdiction, and things are happening here.   Pennsylvania lawmakers have introduced legislation, House Bill 2137, which would place a question regarding marijuana legalization before state voters. If approved, HB 2137 would put a non-binding ballot question on the ballot “to determine the will of the electorate […] LIKE&REBLOG

Maine: MMJ Expands

New Post From DankXDrank There are going to be more professionals who can authorize medical marijuana in Maine.   The state’s medical marijuana law, first approved by Maine voters in 1999, has been amended, and the biggest change replaces the word physician with the words “medical provider.” The amendment , which was signed into law by Gov. Paul LePage […] LIKE&REBLOG

Dabroots: Denver Festival Celebration of Cannabis Counterculture

New Post From DankXDrank Grassroots California is celebrating their 5 year anniversary by partnering with Strainwise to have a 3-day music and comedy festival in Denver, CO. The event, which will be held at the Dark Star Lounge includes over 25 bands and a comedy showcase on Sunday night. Headlining bands include Nappy Roots, Toy Box and Spankalicious. Sponsors include Top […] LIKE&REBLOG

LoveStoned: Withdrawals

New Post From DankXDrank   Did you know that when you are in love, your brain reacts to the presence of your beloved the same way it responds to “happy” drugs, like MDMA or Prozac? You brain floods you with dopamine and serotonin- your natural  “happy” chemicals. (Chocolate does this too).  So, when you are in the physical presence […] LIKE&REBLOG

Medicated Monday: Mini Medi Meal

New Post From DankXDrank I’m not sure about you, but I love when I come across savory edibles at dispensaries, since most are usually dessert items, so I put together a “mini medible meal” using some edibles I never tried before.  I opted for a bottle of White Chocolate Caramel Canna Cappuccino, a bag of Mediterranean Tri-Flatbreads, a jar […] LIKE&REBLOG

Perception Is Re-Leglaization Inevitable

New Post From DankXDrank Here’s a welcome prediction.   Seventy-five percent of Americans believe that the personal consumption and retail sale of cannabis will eventually be legal for adults, according to national polling data released this week by the Pew Research Center. Pew pollsters have been surveying the public’s attitudes regarding marijuana legalization issue since 1973, when only 12 […] LIKE&REBLOG

Physicians Strongly Favor Re-Legalization

New Post From DankXDrank Becoming a physician takes effort, dedication and a willingness to both see and speak the truth.   An estimated 70 percent of physicians acknowledge the therapeutic qualities of cannabis and over half believe that the plant should also be legal for non-medical purposes, according to survey data released last week by WebMD/Medscape. Sixty-nine percent of […] LIKE&REBLOG

Re-Legalization Expectations

New Post From DankXDrank The next time you travel to work pay a little extra attention to the world passing by.  Currently, in that world, cannabis is for the most part illegal.  We stand on the cusp of that fact changing.  What is that changed world going to look like?  Tax revenue will be up. Beyond that it’ll pretty […] LIKE&REBLOG

Weekend Funny: Owls

New Post From DankXDrank Bet you laugh.   [image: Google images “owls”] LIKE&REBLOG