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Comparing Washington & Colorado To-Date

New Post From DankXDrank It may be early in the experience but the direction is obvious.   But it’s clear that Colorado’s retail industry certainly got off to a much faster start than its counterpart in Washington, and it has posted impressive growth since. Stores in Colorado racked up $14.4 million in revenue for the month of January, when […] LIKE&REBLOG

4:20 Flick: Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

New Post From DankXDrank The race issues in America are out of control right now. Shouts out to Jon Stewart for making this amazing monologue.   We need to stand up and do something about this whether you are black or not. This is something that is affecting all of society and will […] LIKE&REBLOG

The High Rise Co Drops New Threads

New Post From DankXDrank The homey’s from The High Rise Co have some new gear for you guys to check out and cop. They are one of the hottest marijuana brand clothing lines and they are always on the grind and seriously on the come up. They have some awesome gear and I love their brand. Check out the […] LIKE&REBLOG

8/27/14 Mary Jane Of The Moment

New Post From DankXDrank Today’s mary jane of the moment is @ImAlwaysFaded. I’ve met and smoked up with her in the past and she is an awesome greenie and a California who definitely knows how to get high.  Make sure you guys follow her LIKE&REBLOG

Getting “In” with Illinois MMJ

New Post From DankXDrank What’s it going to be like just trying to get in the door with Illinois mmj?  Yikes.   Like some other new MMJ markets – such as Massachusetts – Illinois plans to use a point system. Officials will score everything from business plans and financial disclosures to the applicant’s security strategy. Those with the most […] LIKE&REBLOG

In Oregon Debate Focuses on Teens

New Post From DankXDrank As November approaches in Oregon the re-legalization debate is focusing on teen cannabis use.  Amazingly, a local media outlet went and spoke with some of these at-risk teens.  Here’s what “they” had to say (spoiler alert — kids are smart (sometimes)).   Grace Ramstad, an incoming junior at Centennial High School, dismissed the idea that […] LIKE&REBLOG

#WakeAndBake – 8/1/14

New Post From DankXDrank @dreadlockmonstaa #WakeAndBake, is back! We want all your most awesome dank shots! Tag it on instagram with #HMJ on instagram, twitter, or email your #WakeAndBake images to Enjoy your flight. LIKE&REBLOG

Kid Ink Presents Batgang: 4B’s [Mixtape]

New Post From DankXDrank New mixtape from Kid Ink & his Batgang team entitled “4Bs” is now available for Free Download!! Ink’s Batgang crew consists of Ink, Hardhead, Shitty Montana, Math Allen, Louie Batz & Juliann. Features on 4B’s include Travis Porter, Vee the Rula, Jeremih, Gorilla Zoe, Ty$, Paul Wall, Sean Brown, Lil Bibby & King Los!! LIKE&REBLOG

Music: Line Up Announced for MURS Stage at Sunset Strip Music Festival

New Post From DankXDrank MURS Stage at Sunset Strip Music Festival to feature DJ Quik, Zion I, Bun-B, Killer Mike, N.O.R.E, Dizzy Wright, Pterodactyl Jones, IAMSU, Tay F3rd, Ill Camille & More! LIKE&REBLOG

Oaksterdam in Atlantic City, NJ

New Post From DankXDrank You could not select a more appropriate place to teach a cannabis growing course than in New Jersey, the state with a very-opposed-to-cannabis governor and bridge operator, Chris Christie.   [A] $1,000, four-day course will be offered by a California-based marijuana school at Bally’s Casino [Atlantic City, NJ] this weekend, starting [last] Saturday. Oaksterdam University […] LIKE&REBLOG

Lawsuit Challenges Cannabis Tax in Colorado

New Post From DankXDrank We all know how the government enjoys collecting taxes, but will paying your cannabis tax be the same thing as pleading guilty to a cannabis crime?  Colorado is trying to find out.   … a Colorado tax on marijuana has been upheld by a federal court despite claims that paying it amounts to […] LIKE&REBLOG

Link: Arrested For Marijuana, Jackie Chan’s Son Could Face Execution (Kotaku)

New Post From DankXDrank LIKE&REBLOG

4:20 Flick: Weird things couples they are in public

New Post From DankXDrank This is why I am single. Everyday at 4:20 pm EST, there will be a new random funny video for you to smoke and laugh at. If you have a funny video that should be a 4:20 Flick, hit me up with it on twitter or send me an email at LIKE&REBLOG

8/25/14 Mary Jane Of The Moment: The Cannabinoid Necklace Version

New Post From DankXDrank Aroha Silhouettes sent us photos from their shoot for their new cannabinoid necklace. They have a beautiful model who is today’s mary jane of the moment, however the necklace is created from the different components of marijuana. Check more details below and pick up yours here. Just as the compounds found in the cannabis plant […] LIKE&REBLOG

Video: Black cat invades the pitch in Barcelona Soccer Game

New Post From DankXDrank A black cat cursed Elche this weekend when they lost 3-0 to Barcelona.  The cat reaked havoc in start of match and got the game stopped.  They never stop the game in soccer.    Watch the officials hilariously try to catch the cat. LIKE&REBLOG