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Good News About Cannabis in the News

New Post From DankXDrank Here’s a bit of evidence that the winds have indeed shifted — in our favor.   Some recent examples: On July 26, The Boston Globe published a first-person account from one of its reporters about traveling to Colorado for cannabis. The piece painted a positive picture of the industry and batted down concerns by outsiders […] LIKE&REBLOG

More Formal Cannabis Research

New Post From DankXDrank Once it finally becomes possible to get approval from NIH, there is going to be a lot of research into cannabis’ effectiveness. Here’s just the most recent on that front.   A pharmaceutical company has inked a licensing agreement with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop, test and possibly sell cannabis-based drugs for […] LIKE&REBLOG

Music: Jeezy – Beautiful Ft. Game & Rick Ross

New Post From DankXDrank Jeezy Reunites with Rick Ross and brings Game along to give the people “Beautiful” music. Jeezy’s 5th Album Seen It All will be available 9/2 LIKE&REBLOG

Colorado to Discourage Teen Cannabis Use

New Post From DankXDrank Colorado is concerned that, with re-legalization, it will somehow be easier for kids to score some pot. Do they mean easier than now? Here’s what they are going to try.   How do you encourage kids not to use marijuana at a time when acceptance of pot is at historic highs and Colorado is more […] LIKE&REBLOG

It’s 1937 in Utah

New Post From DankXDrank It is useful to know where you are.  It is also good to know when you are.  Welcome to Utah in 1937.  No, it’s 2014.   The [Utah Marijuana] compact calls for four principles to be followed when it comes marijuana policies, that include protecting families, strengthening the economy, medicinal value and law enforcement. The […] LIKE&REBLOG

Music Video: Alpha MC & Pigeon John – Outchea

New Post From DankXDrank The LA homies Alpha MC & Pigeon John released Outchea the first track off their forthcoming collaborative project, The Rebound. LIKE&REBLOG

4:20 Flick: Robin Williams: What Will Your Verse Be?

New Post From DankXDrank Yesterday we lost an American legend in Robin Williams who passed away from an apparent suicide. I was really upset to hear this news and I immediately started watching old clips from my favorite movies of his. This speech from “Dead Poets Society” (1989) always gives me the chills. RIP Robin Williams. You will be […] LIKE&REBLOG

8/11/14 Mary Jane Of The Moment

New Post From DankXDrank Shouts out to @livestoned420. She was recently featured as a #WakeAndBake but I didn’t realize how hot she was so I decided she deserved some more love from HMJ. If you didn’t follow her last time, do it now! “Mary Jane Of The Moment” is a feature where I will show you a new cute […] LIKE&REBLOG

Epic Medical Cannabis Bike Tour In Europe

New Post From DankXDrank Our friends over at Herbies Seeds recently put me up on an awesome event that takes place in Europe to raise funds for medical cannabis research there. The Annual Medical Cannabis Bike Tour raised 100,000 Euros to fund setting up a trial case with Glioma patients in Spain. Bikers came from all over the world […] LIKE&REBLOG

Philly DeCrim Update

New Post From DankXDrank As expected, the Philadelphia City Council has passed a cannabis de-crim ordinance.  In an earlier post we looked at the opinion of the Police Commissioner.  The next step is the Mayor signs off.  Why hasn’t the Mayor signed?   The Philadelphia City Council passed bill 140377 with a vote of 13-3 in June 2014. The […] LIKE&REBLOG

Cannabis Forecast for Oregon

New Post From DankXDrank Here’s a look at the expectations in Oregon.   [Oregon] By the numbers 11% — Approximate percentage of Oregon’s population that will use marijuana. That’s about 416,700. 8% — Approximate percentage of Oregon pot users who are recreational and will buy from a retail shop. That’s about 321,800 users. 23,151 — Number of heavy users, […] LIKE&REBLOG

#WakeAndBake – 8/11/14

New Post From DankXDrank Shouts out to @Aminkobein for tagging his pics with #HMJ on instagram. Get as high as you can, bro. #WakeAndBake, is back! We want all your most awesome dank shots! Tag it on instagram with #HMJ on instagram, twitter, or email your #WakeAndBake images to Enjoy your flight. LIKE&REBLOG

Cannabis Culture Iranian Style

New Post From DankXDrank Here’s the site of the ancient Persian Empire.  How’s the cannabis scene in an Islamic culture like Iran?   A hit of good opium these days “costs a lot of money, about $5 (150,000 rials),” says Bahari. “Heroin and crystal meth are cheaper than weed and opium in Iran, and of course more potent. You […] LIKE&REBLOG

Cost Compairison Cannabis v. Beer

New Post From DankXDrank Here’s a very interesting report on the cost of a joint v. the cost of a Bud Lite, nationwide.  Here’s a sample:   Measuring the price of marijuana relative to beer might seem a bit arbitrary. After all, marijuana, however cheap, is still illegal in most of the country. But there’s actually good reason to […] LIKE&REBLOG

Will Cannabis Be Farmed Industrially?

New Post From DankXDrank Somewhere in the malevolent presence that is Big Tobacco there are fantasies of “Big Weed” bringing big profits.  There is a good chance this will be part of the story in the days ahead. I wonder how that will play out?   The tobacco plant has labor intensive periods in its’ growth cycle, but lots […] LIKE&REBLOG