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Re-Legalization South American Style

New Post From DankXDrank Cannabis re-legalization is a world-wide movement.  Let’s take a look at three nations in South America.   Chile: Chile has joined a growing list of countries moving toward legalization of medical or recreational marijuana. The South American country has issued a license for a cultivation site in the capital city of Santiago. The site will […] LIKE&REBLOG

Hawaii Talking MMJ

New Post From DankXDrank The good people of Hawaii are asking themselves about medical marijuana.   Lawmakers in Hawaii are taking a closer look at the possibility of setting up a state-run dispensary and cultivation program. The state will hold a public hearing in Hilo today to take input from advocates, patients and other stakeholders who want to have […] LIKE&REBLOG

“Help Wanted” @ Minnesota MMJ

New Post From DankXDrank Still looking for your first position in the emerging cannabis economy?  How about taking charge of the whole medical thingy in Minnesota?  Beautiful country up there.  Cold, too.  About that job …   Minnesota is on the hunt for someone to lead its medical marijuana program. The state’s health department has posted a […] LIKE&REBLOG

Giveaway: Win Tickets To Sunset Strip Music Festival 2014 via Murs 316

New Post From DankXDrank We’re giving away tickets to see Murs, Dizzy Wright, Killer Mike, N.O.R.E., POS, Zion I, Mod Sun, Pterodactyl Jones & more at the Sunset Strip Music Festival! LIKE&REBLOG

Infograph: Legalization Of Marijuana In The US

New Post From DankXDrank Times are changing quicker than ever for marijuana. We now have 2 states who are legally selling marijuana, 21 states and the District of Columbia that have medical marijuana and 3 states are moving towards a legalized medical state. Thanks for sending this over Infographic World. Courtesy of: Infographic World LIKE&REBLOG

Anti-Pot Academics w/Conflicts of Interest

New Post From DankXDrank There are academic people who oppose cannabis policy reform.  Ever consider why that might be?   As Americans continue to embrace pot—as medicine and for recreational use—opponents are turning to a set of academic researchers to claim that policymakers should avoid relaxing restrictions around marijuana. It’s too dangerous, risky, and untested, they say. Just as […] LIKE&REBLOG

Teaching the Truth About MMJ

New Post From DankXDrank In Western Michigan the effort to bring light into the darkness continues.   State lawmakers are considering changes to Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act. The measures would not legalize marijuana, but would help caregivers take care of their patients. One man from West Michigan invited all 38 senators to his house to educate them on the […] LIKE&REBLOG

Free The Plant: California Marijuana Legalization Past and Present

New Post From DankXDrank The state of California has a long history of fighting for the right to consume Cannabis, and grow hemp. It was only banned for use, then for sale less than one hundred years ago in the early 1900′s. Less than 40 years later, in the late 1960′s, efforts towards legalization were gaining steam, and in […] LIKE&REBLOG

Denver May Limit Home Extraction

New Post From DankXDrank There is some sad truth to the saying that “bho” means “blow your hands off.”  Best leave extraction to the pros, so says Denver.   Denver is looking to ban residents from using explosive chemicals to create homemade hash oil, a move that could drive more consumers to dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores. Mayor Michael […] LIKE&REBLOG

$$$ Cannabis $$$ Cha-Ching

New Post From DankXDrank There is having a job in the emerging cannabis economy, then there is making a bunch of money in the emerging cannabis economy.  This story is one of the latter.   Many parallels have been drawn to date between the development of the cannabis industry and the dot-com era of the 1990s, when the technology […] LIKE&REBLOG

Do Your 25-Day-Old Clones Look Like This?

New Post From DankXDrank If you plan on growing your own cannabis plants, you want it to be as easy as possible, right?  Well, how much easier does it get than a “just add water” organic soil?  But before I shout the praises of Organic Grower Solutions soil from the highest mountaintops, we must first find out how well […] LIKE&REBLOG

Following the City-By-City Strategy

New Post From DankXDrank Around the nation, when an entire state isn’t quite ready to give up on the eighty years of lies and fear known as cannabis prohibition, the cities in those states are standing up for liberation.  It’s happening in several places at once.   In Michigan, voters in over a dozen municipalities, including Saginaw (population 51,000), […] LIKE&REBLOG

Hemp Goes to College in Illinois

New Post From DankXDrank In Illinois, hemp is celebrating its’ new image by going back to college.   [Illinois] Democrat Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation into law last week authorizing state universities to cultivate industrial hemp for research purposes. The measure, House Bill 5085, mandates the state Department of Agriculture to adopt rules so that higher education facilities can […] LIKE&REBLOG

My Legalization Fantasy: Clone Club!

New Post From DankXDrank The first rule of “Clone Club!” is — it’s fun to talk about “Clone Club!”   Sixteen hours and forty-seven minutes after cannabis was again legal in the U.S. I was standing in line at my grow store buying a bag of worm poop. With my change and receipt came a sealed invitation to join […] LIKE&REBLOG

HMJ Classics: Heroes of Hemp — Wernard Bruning

New Post From DankXDrank [This was one installment of a series on the “Heroes of Hemp;” this column was called “Wernard Bruning & The First Cannabis Coffee Shop”]   In 1971 there were no cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam. In the spring of 1972 a group of hippies got burned out of their home so they squat — occupy; […] LIKE&REBLOG