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Free The Plant: Federal Decriminalization and Legalization

New Post From DankXDrank Earlier this year a bill was introduced into the US House of Representatives and dubbed the “”Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014”. This bill also known as H.R.5226 is supposed to  “To amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude therapeutic hemp and cannabidiol from the definition of marihuana, and for other purposes.”Sounds good right? Well, lets not get all excited yet, because this bill is not what it seems.

First of all it was introduced by Paul Broun (R-GA-10), a Republican member of the House of representatives. This man is a staunch conservative, who stands against science in favor of religion. This man is against gay marriage, and has introduced bills to outlaw it. He also has taken a strict stand against evolution, as that goes against his faith. So what would make this ultra conservative so interested in introducing a bill to decriminalized cannabis? If you look at his track record in voting, he seems to me a total misanthrope, and completely against science, so why does he support this?

Hemp CBD is extremely controversial as many of the companies out there are strictly for profit. Even those growing the “charlottes web” strain, The “Stanley Brothers” have faced hash criticism for their capitalist ways, and lack of compassion towards patients. Here is an excerpt from

"Leave it to the American value of money over morals to step in and take over though. Instead of being grateful they had discovered a remedy that could help others and working to make sure parents of these kids had access to these types of medicines, the brothers Stanley decided that they had found the magic beans and were going to keep them for their own gain. Because of the media they received they became a go to resource for parents who were desperate for relief for their children. The RoC group has truly let their minimal success based on limited sampling and over-hyped media go to their head. Parents have reported being forced onto a waiting list for care for many months and being forced to sign non-disclosure/non-compete agreements that only allow them to discuss their care and receive medicine from Realm of Caring. They are selling what amounts to a good high CBD strain dissolved in olive oil for big money to parents desperate to make their child’s suffering stop. It is pretty fucked up from an ethical standpoint on many levels. If there really was any “realm of caring” in there they would share the strain with parents in need and allow them to cultivate low cost medicine for their child; or at the very least allow other people with more production capability produce it in a higher volume to meet demands and not have to wait months because they believe everything Dr. Sanjay Gupta says on CNN."

 So that leads one to ask, if this bill passes what is at stake, and will the market be flooded with unsafe, poorly tested products? These “CBD” companies have been trading on wall street, and getting into the market for some time, with a product that is made from industrial hemp paste from china. Frankly we should be downright frightened when there is already tested marijuana products containing high levels of CBD such as Cannatonic, and Canna-Tsu which contain low levels of THC and 13-22% CBD. These are actual marijuana flowers, or sometimes extracts, currently available in most medical states. This is the type of plant patients should be getting, grown specifically for purpose, from a medicinal plant, and is easily accessible. Not a branded hemp oil rip off, that costs nearly 3 times the amount MMJ does! And these people are pushing bills that exclude MMJ, in favor of branded medical hemp in states across the country, as CBD only bills.

When supporting any kind of legislation towards legalization, whether it be medical recreational, or both, you really have to examine what is being proposed, and who the proposers are. If it seems to good to be true it just might be. The people with the most capital, have the easiest time controlling the dialogue, and paying to get signatures needed, as well as buying lobbyists. Look for grassroots efforts, and efforts that create an attainable solution for those in need. We need to stand together to fight to free the plant, in its entirety, not as some gimmick, and ensure what we have access to is safe, and to do that we need education and continued research. LIKE&REBLOG

Cannabis Cinema: “Amstardam” Movie Trailer

New Post From DankXDrank Here’s a  movie you’ll want to catch when it comes your way.  It’s called “Amstardam.”  Enjoy. LIKE&REBLOG

Different Approaches, Different Results CO & WA

New Post From DankXDrank The first two states to re-legalize took different approaches to the task.  How’s that playing out?

"We’re not doing well because we don’t have anything to sell," said James Lathrop, owner of Cannabis City in Seattle. "It’s really an insane business."

Washington’s tough approach to regulating marijuana growers and retailers means only 60 marijuana-store licenses have been granted, and it’s unclear exactly how many of them have actually opened for business. Some marijuana store owners say the regulations and scarce supply of legal weed are making it hard to shepherd the industry away from the black market and toward paying taxes.

Lathrop flies a flag outside his store to signal whether he has any of the coveted “bud” or marijuana flowers for sale. Last week, he was selling only pre-rolled joints and packages of “shake,” which generally contains less of the intoxicating THC than the flowers. For sophisticated consumers, neither is an attractive option, especially at $45 for a 2-gram joint. In comparison, Colorado retail stores are selling high-quality marijuana flowers for as little as $10 a gram.

He also has no pot-infused foods, known as edibles, available. Edibles are popular with novice users and tourists staying in smoking-free hotel rooms. In Colorado, some stores report that 40% of their sales are coming in the form of pot-infused cookies, chocolates and sodas.

Like Colorado, Washington this year began allowing consumers to legally buy marijuana for fun. But the struggles in keeping shelves stocked highlight significant differences between the two states’ approaches. Inside Cannabis City, Denver resident Kyle Johnson said this week he was surprised to see how little supply was available at the city’s only store.

"I think Denver is a couple years ahead on the scene," he said. "You come in and they only have the one type. And the prices … the price is a huge thing."

Ninety miles to the north at Bellingham’s Top Shelf Cannabis, store investor John Evich has plenty of product on his shelves.

"We’re learning as we go," he said. "I’ve seen nothing but smiles."

He attributes his solid supplies to close connections with the growing community, connections he carefully nurtured for months before the store opened July 8. The store about 50 miles south of Vancouver now offers about 30 strains, although supplies of edibles remain scarce.

The short supplies, along with the dearth of stores, highlight significant differences between the recreational marijuana systems in Colorado and Washington. More than two dozen marijuana stores serve downtown Denver, and Colorado has licensed more than 230 retail stores.

In Washington, recreational marijuana must be grown by a licensed farmer, processed by a licensed processor and then transferred to a separate retailer. Retailers can’t grow the marijuana they sell, and aren’t allowed to open the packages its pot comes in. They also cannot have any connection with the state’s far-less regulated medical marijuana industry.

Another key difference: While Washington state required strength and contamination testing from the first day of sales (which caused a delay in sales), Colorado allowed sales to begin first, with testing requirements only now being fully implemented.

Back in Bellingham, Evich said he’s not surprised Washington’s marijuana industry has growing pains. Like Lathrop, he said he expects supply problems to ease by next year, especially as the first outdoor crops reach the market. He said state regulators have been tough but fair, and seem more interested in helping the new businesses comply with the regulations than in hitting them with fines. He said the industry, for its part, has taken great care to follow the new rules.

"The public image is changing, and fast," he said. "We’re not trying to get rich on dollars. We’re trying to get rich on clientele and trust."

More to be discovered at the original post WHICH IS HERE.

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Gypsy Jane’s Cannabis Music Carnival in Denver

New Post From DankXDrank

(Click for More Info)

What’re you doing this weekend?  Want to get your blunt lit by a fire breather and then watch Snoop Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound do their thing?  Oh, that’s not that appealing to you?  Well, Tyga, French Montana, Warren G, E-40, Too $hort, and Xzibit might be sad you didn’t show up… yeah, they’ll be there too!

But what exactly is a “Cannabis Music Carnival”?


Well, for starters, since it’s hosted in Colorado, if you’re 21 you’re free to smoke as you please! 

No, you won’t be able to buy any cannabis or medically infused products here, but you’re allowed to bring as much as you can legally carry, and share with whoever you like. 

In fact, there are going to be smoking tents, and plenty of cannabis companies with booths, to let you in on the latest in the industry. 

Kind of like the Cannabis Cup, but with more live music…


How much music?  Well, here’s the concert lineup (in order of appearance):

* DJ Fingaz
* Klassick
* Jbre & Dougie Kent
* Top Flite Empire
* Basscrooks
* Chris X Ness & Friskolay
* Travis Porter
* Baby Bash
* Tinashe
* French Montana
* Tyga
* Oban/Raw
* White Fudge
* 2nd II None
* Rappin’ 4-Tay
* Spice 1
* Xzibit
* Warren G
* Too $hort
* E-40
* Snoop Dogg & Tha Dogg Pound

Is that enough bass-infused music for you?  Yeah, I’m pretty pumped myself!  What goes together better than some good herb and live music?  Not too much, but Gypsy Jane doesn’t stop there…


Now, I’m not sure if they’re serious or not, but they do claim you can get your blunt lit by a fire breather, and if that’s not crazy enough for you, here’s what else is going to go down…  There has been talk of a helicopter flying over the crowd to drop ping pong balls with numbers on them, and every number represents a certain prize.  There will be fortune tellers, freak shows, street performers, pillow-fighting Oompa Loompas, hot girls hanging out by fancy cars, and plenty of other stuff that may just blow your mind.


If you know where the Denver Merchandise Mart is then you’re set, but you can always click THIS LINK for directions.  It’s right by the highway, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

And, sorry about the late notice, but it’s going on THIS WEEKEND!  From October 3rd to 5th, Gypsy Jane is going to show Denver what she’s all about, before heading off to Los Angeles in May next year.
The carnival (festival) is from 10 AM to 7 PM on Saturday and Sunday, and the concerts run from 7 PM to Midnight on Friday and Saturday.

But if you want to go, you’ll have to BUY YOUR TICKETS soon!  You can buy tickets for just the carnival, just the concerts, or go all out and get some VIP packages.

It’s going to be a crazy event, one that will be hard to forget, and I hope to see you there!

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The Y5 Vape-Stick – Elegant and Discreet

New Post From DankXDrank  

Name/Type:  Y5 Vape-Stick, Sativa/Indica 2-Pack


Rating:  8/10 Flowers. The Y5 Vape-Stick is discreet, potent, and consistent. One of the biggest advantages it has over other units is that no charging is required. The unit arrives ready medicate.

Overview:  Because everyone differently, and for different reasons, Y5 offers sativa and indica strain-specific options. My Y5 Vape-Stick 2-pack consisted of Sour Diesel (59.22% THC, 2.19% CBD) and Blue Berry (53.26 THC, 1.11% CBD). I’ve been using mine only when the utmost discretion is neccessary. Boasting over 150 puffs, this pair has lasted me nine days of steady use! The flavor is clean, bright, and distinctly strain specific!

Personal Comments:  Disposables generally turn me off, simply because there is really no justification for so much waste. It seems terribly counter-intuitive, in an industry kind of centered around it own eco-friendliness. However, each conveniently sized Vape-stick comes pre loaded with just about a half gram (0.47g) of top quality CO2 oil and fully charged battery, meaning you can use this device discreetly at a moment’s notice. I like its weight, and the way it feels; substantial, without feeling too heavy in hand (or pocket). I found the Y5 Vape-Stick to be a most effective option for those times when i needed to inconspicuously medicate. For more than a week now, I’ve been using this product as a means of maintaining my medicated state respectfully and covertly in the workplace.


Overall:  As with any disposable, there will be a lot of waste. However, Y5 seems to have found a better balance of potent medicine and long battery-life. Each unit comes loaded with enough Supercritical CO2 extract for approximately 100 eight secondpuffs. It is truly the simplest, most elegant, discrete, and powerful disposable vaporizer I’ve used. LIKE&REBLOG

Meet Mike Dunafon, Candidate for CO Governor

New Post From DankXDrank Colorado is electing a governor in a few weeks.  Here’s an interesting independent, pro-cannabis candidate with an official campaign song.  Enjoy. LIKE&REBLOG

New Normal: Cannabis Less Harmful Than Alcohol

New Post From DankXDrank Another poll finds a “new normal” has emerged.


Younger voters overwhelmingly agree that marijuana is less damaging to society than is alcohol, according to the findings of a Marketing poll released last week.

Among those voters between 18 and 40 years of age, 47 percent ranked alcohol as the most harmful substance to society, well ahead of both tobacco (27 percent) and cannabis (13 percent). (Thirteen percent of respondents were undecided.) A majority of respondents of all ages, ethnic groups, and political affiliations agreed that marijuana is the least harmful of the three substances.

The results resemble those of a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released in March which reported that most Americans believe tobacco to be most harmful to health (49 percent), followed by alcohol (24 percent), sugar (15 percent), and marijuana (8 percent).

Under federal law, marijuana is classified as a schedule I controlled substance, meaning that its alleged harms are equal to those of heroin. Both tobacco and alcohol are unscheduled under federal law.

There’s more to the story at the original post WHICH IS HERE.

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Companies From Canada And Florida Collaborate On Superior Meds

New Post From DankXDrank

 Known for bringing pharmaceutical industry precision to the development and production of medical cannabis, a Florida company named AltMed has signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Vida Cannabis, a company from Canada.  The two companies will work together regarding research, quality assurance, and technical expertise. 

"We’re deeply impressed with the level of sophistication, and operational know-how designed into the Vida Cannabis team as they work toward building the most advanced medical marijuana facility in Canada," says David Wright CEO of AltMed

AltMed is focused on the science of medical cannabis which is headed by former pharmaceutical executives.  AltMed is persistent to lead the delivery of effective, safe and well-tolerated alternative medicines.  AltMed’s wish is to help people live better lives.

Vida Cannabis Corp. is working to develop high quality products in order to meet the needs of customers in the growing global marketplace for legal cannabis-based products.  Located in Stellarton, Nova Scotia the 315,000-square-foot production facility will be one of the largest and most advanced medical marijuana facilities in Canada. LIKE&REBLOG

Snoop Talks to Charlo Greene

New Post From DankXDrank The lady made a splash when she quit on-air. Now, she’s talking. LIKE&REBLOG

Re-Legalization = $3B Tax Revenue Annually

New Post From DankXDrank Let’s take a look at the tax implications of nationwide re-legalization.

Legalizing the retail production and sale of cannabis in the United States would yield over $3 billion in annual tax revenue, according to an analysis published this week by the personal finance website,

Authors provided a state-by-state economic analysis, taking into account available data estimating marijuana use rates (for those age 25 and older), cannabis market size, and state and local tax rates. Researchers also assumed a flat, 15 percent excise tax on commercial marijuana production, which is the rate presently imposed in Colorado on similar activities.

Based on existing market projections, California would gain the largest amount of annual tax revenue ($519,287,052) if commercial cannabis production and sales were legalized for adults. Other top tax revenue generating states include: New York ($248,103,676), Florida ($183,408,640), Texas ($166,303,963), and Illinois ($126,107,360).

There’s more detail at the original post WHICH IS HERE.

The NerdWallet report is HERE.

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Book Review: “Beyond Buds” by Ed Rosenthal

New Post From DankXDrank HMJ is humbled to have been invited to review Ed Rosenthal’s newest offering, Beyond Buds.


There are very few things reliable in this life, but here’s one. Every time a new chapter opens in the story of cannabis Ed Rosenthal will have scouted ahead and written a guide for those of us following along. Beyond Buds carries on Ed’s lifetime of service to the plant and those who use, consume, worship, respect and love the amazing cannabis sativa l.

“Concentrated cannabis may be the future of marijuana
as a medicine and as a recreational substance.”

That premise launches a tour of a new world coming into focus. First we visit familiar black-and-white places, like kief,hash and the state of vaporizing. But in only a few pages we arrive in colorful Oz … just what is “dabbing?”

“Many people consider dab culture a liability to the overall
legalization of marijuana, noting how the media have dubbed it
“the crack” of pot. The analogy is incorrect. Dabs are more
like the espresso or hard liquor of pot.”

With the cannabis plant as-yet re-legalized only here and there, the spectrum of new products, new technology, and quite likely, new effects is all the more impressive. Will you dab butane extracts or prefer non-solvent concentrates? Why does CO2 extraction produce such a clean concentrate? Beyond Buds has chapters on each. There is separate focus on tinctures, canna capsules, edibles and topicals. All flowing from a plant outlawed for over eighty years.

The beautiful photography throughout the book continues another of Ed’s traditions. Many people will get their first-ever view of wax, honeycomb, shatter and clear in these pages. High end rigs and tools for everyday use; glass for when company comes over and the everyday stuff. All here. All wonderfully photographed and reproduced on quality pixels. Ditto for paper images too, I’m sure.

Don’t wander around lost in our re-legalized future when a guide book this good is right at hand. Beyond Buds will make you an informed citizen in our exciting tomorrow.

You can order a copy of Beyond Buds if you GO HERE. LIKE&REBLOG

HMJ Classics: Heroes of Hemp — Ed Rosenthal

New Post From DankXDrank [originally an installment in a series called Heroes of Hemp]

Here is one of the first grow gurus. Meet Ed Rosenthal.
If, today, you purchased a book on how to grow your own cannabis there is a good chance that book was written by Ed Rosenthal. If your Mom and/or Dad purchased that book back in the day there is a very good chance that book was written by Ed Rosenthal. If your GrandMom and/or GrandDad purchased that book way back when dinosaurs roamed it’s fairly certain that book was written by Ed Rosenthal. Mr. Rosenthal was one of the first who taught millions how to grow their own cannabis. And he did it out in the open, using his own name and his own pretty face.

When traditional publishers were not receptive to marijuana cultivation books Ed started Quick Trading Company. He has been publishing books on marijuana cultivation for forty years. All four volumes of his large-format bud porn collection, “The Big Book of Buds” belongs on every stoner’s coffee table.

On the front lines of the medical marijuana movement in California at the start of the millennium, Ed was deputized by the city of Oakland to grow cannabis. He was prosecuted by the Federal government for that exact same activity. Ed lost that battle but is helping win this war. Ed has said, “Smoking marijuana may not be addictive but growing it is.”

Just like our other Heroes of Hemp, Ed Rosenthal has a strain of cannabis named for him. The Seedsman Seeds describes the “Ed Rosenthal Super Bud,” “The blend of tropical genes in Ed Rosenthal Super Bud’s multi-faceted background is especially wide-ranging, representing Sativas from all around the equatorial zone - Africa, South East Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. Ed Rosenthal Super Bud’s amazingly succulent flower formation is the strain’s distinguishing feature. Different individuals show extra Sativa or Indica influence through subtle variations in the development and structure of their resin-soaked buds.”

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GroSkool: Working with Seed

New Post From DankXDrank One way to start growing cannabis is to plant seed.  And what sort of thing is that?

Chapter 1: Working with seed.
Here’s a video from the grow-legend, “Hans.”

Seed can be germinated in a wet paper towel prior to planting.

Let’s see that again.

Let’s take a bigger view.

And a bigger view, yet. Take a hit, first. This is a beautiful video.

Our thanks to all those who created and uploaded the videos we are viewing. Thank you for helping keep the knowledge of how to grow cannabis diffuse. The more who know, the better.

Next week is chapter two — Working with Clones. Creating clones; starting new plants from clones; cloning technique basics. It’ll be fun.

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Video: Seedsman Investigates…Cannabis and Cancer

New Post From DankXDrank Our friends at are on the hunt.

'For what?' - You ask?


They have started a new investigative video series on their youtube channel.  In this video below, they visit the university of Madrid to discuss their work into Cannabis and its potential anti-cancer properties.  

Professor Manuel Guzman, a Biochemistry professor from the University explained what his department were trying to achieve with their research;

“The major focus of (the university’s) research is trying to identify the mechanisms by which cannabinoids, the active components of cannabis, act in our body and more precisely trying to find potential therapeutic applications of cannabinoids in the fields of oncology and neurone regeneration.”

For the last decade, Guzman has been heavily involved in the study of cannabinoids and their impact on cell generation. His research has been pivotal in putting the effects and implications derived from cannabinoids into the pubic eye.

The University of Madrid have identified that cannabinoids, especially two compounds, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) have proven anti-cancerous effects on tumours in mice and rats. However, the next major step is finding out how cannabinoids effect tumour growth in human patients who have cancer.

Although major progress has been made in the field of cannabinoids as treatment for cancer, Guzman still believes that plenty of work still needs to be done in defining what type of cancers can be treated or controlled by cannabinoids.

“So far there is no therapy at all that is effective for all types of cancer…the first question of course is whether cannabinoids can be promising in treating cancer but first we have to try and define which types of cancer are really prone to being treated with cannabinoids because I expect that some are sensitive to cannabinoids, while others are not”.

Watch the video for yourself below. LIKE&REBLOG

Thank Cannabis it’s Friday

New Post From DankXDrank A few weeks back in a Saturday FunHouse we explored creepy, abandoned houses.  In my town our 50 year old courthouse just got replaced.  Before the rehabilitation of the old bailey begins I slipped in and took a walk around.  Thought you might enjoy this bit of graffiti I found on the back of a seat in a felony courtroom.

Here’s today’s announcements: FunHouse, a regular Saturday feature for a while now, has returned to the fall semester at “GroSkool.” We’re gonna learn how to grow our own cannabis! Plan on stopping by and partake of the knowledge.

Then, on Sunday, we bring you a review, possibly the first anywhere, of Ed Rosenthal’s new book, Beyond Buds. It’s an exciting future my smoky friends.

See you in school tomorrow. LIKE&REBLOG