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Is Organic Grower Solutions Soil REALLY “Just Add Water”?

New Post From DankXDrank If you haven’t heard of Organic Grower Solutions Soil before, a Colorado Springs based company has crafted a soil, composed of only organic ingredients, with the claim that you “just add water” and you’ll have enough nutrients to get you from seed (or clone) to harvest.  And while I have seen great results with Organic […] LIKE&REBLOG

Stock Market Offering Shares in Canadian Cultivation Co.

New Post From DankXDrank One sure sign of legitimacy is when stock in a company is listed for sale on a national stock exchange.  Has cannabis arrived, or what?   A Canadian company is set to become just the second licensed medical cannabis cultivation business in the country to go public. Bedrocan Canada Inc. has reportedly received approval to […] LIKE&REBLOG

Huge Demand for Edibles in Colorado

New Post From DankXDrank One big surprise in re-legalized Colorado is the popularity of edibles and infused products.   Edibles manufacturers in Colorado are aggressively boosting production to meet overwhelming demand for infused candies, sodas and other goodies in the recreational cannabis market. Some companies are increasing their current space, while others are expanding into larger facilities faster than […] LIKE&REBLOG

What You Can Do to Re-Legalize Cannabis

New Post From DankXDrank Two states have set themselves free from eighty years of lies.  In a few weeks two more states and the District of Columbia may join the recently liberated.  Wherever you live there is something you can do to help bring on the eventual day of cannabis re-legalization. And it won’t cost you one cent out-of-pocket. […] LIKE&REBLOG

HMJ Classics: The Great Strains — Kush

New Post From DankXDrank [originally one installment in a series titled “The Great Strains”]   “Kush” is one of two strains (the other being “Afghani“) of cannabis plants indigenous to an area covering Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and north-west India. This is the range of the Hindu Kush Mountains. Hindu Kush means “killer of Hindus.” And this is some killer […] LIKE&REBLOG

Curren$Y – Saturday Night Car Tunes [EP]

New Post From DankXDrank I was sitting on the couch, high as hell this weekend when the homey KG told me Curren$y would be dropping an EP today. He noticed this instagram from the homey Spitta. Any day Spitta drops a new album, is a good day. Check out the full EP below from Dat Piff. LIKE&REBLOG

HMJ FunHouse: What If Superman Punched You?

New Post From DankXDrank Here is an aspect of Earth’s favorite alien that you may not have considered — what if Superman punched you?   Ever seen one of these old technicolor cartoons? This episode is from the 1940′s when Superman fought for “truth and justice.” Supe was only recruited / drafted to defend “the American way” in the […] LIKE&REBLOG

Lloyal – OG Skywalker (Mixtape and Show)

New Post From DankXDrank The homey Lloyal dropped a new mixtape today in anticipation for his NYC show tonight. We just chopped it up with him in LA during our Aspire 2B Higher show last month and I have seen a ton of growth in him as an artist. This mixtape features smooth sounds from a more mature Lloyal […] LIKE&REBLOG

Time for Action — November is Coming

New Post From DankXDrank The re-legalization of cannabis has some momentum.  If we fail now it’s all on us.   Citizens’ votes in Colorado and Washington in 2012 to end their state’s cannabis prohibition laws and replace them with ‘tax-n-regulate’ laws arguably has forever broken the back of the federal government’s nearly eighty-year old failed and expensive prohibition. We […] LIKE&REBLOG

Think Arkansas in 2016

New Post From DankXDrank When the first of the states — any of them, touching the Mississippi River re-legalize, it will signal  the beginning of the end for cannabis prohibition.  Arkansas could be the place.   Arkansas could become one of the first Southern states to legalize medical or recreational marijuana if any of three potential ballot measures succeed […] LIKE&REBLOG

Delaware Authorizes First MMJ Dispensary

New Post From DankXDrank The east coast is turning in the right direction. &nbsp In Delaware, a company headed by a former state trooper has been awarded a two-year contract to launch the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary — set to open in early 2015. The ex-trooper, Mark Lally, serves as president of First State Compassion Center, which will […] LIKE&REBLOG

Comparing Washington & Colorado To-Date

New Post From DankXDrank It may be early in the experience but the direction is obvious.   But it’s clear that Colorado’s retail industry certainly got off to a much faster start than its counterpart in Washington, and it has posted impressive growth since. Stores in Colorado racked up $14.4 million in revenue for the month of January, when […] LIKE&REBLOG

4:20 Flick: Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

New Post From DankXDrank The race issues in America are out of control right now. Shouts out to Jon Stewart for making this amazing monologue.   We need to stand up and do something about this whether you are black or not. This is something that is affecting all of society and will […] LIKE&REBLOG

The High Rise Co Drops New Threads

New Post From DankXDrank The homey’s from The High Rise Co have some new gear for you guys to check out and cop. They are one of the hottest marijuana brand clothing lines and they are always on the grind and seriously on the come up. They have some awesome gear and I love their brand. Check out the […] LIKE&REBLOG

8/27/14 Mary Jane Of The Moment

New Post From DankXDrank Today’s mary jane of the moment is @ImAlwaysFaded. I’ve met and smoked up with her in the past and she is an awesome greenie and a California who definitely knows how to get high.  Make sure you guys follow her LIKE&REBLOG