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CannaJobs: Looking for Work?

New Post From DankXDrank Cannabis is a real job creator.  Here’s what’s hiring right now.

According to, the 10 most popular marijuana jobs in the United States:

1. Budtenders (marijuana “pharmacists”) – assist dispensary customers with marijuana inquiries.
2. Marijuana Cultivators (growers) – cultivate marijuana for dispensaries.
3. Edibles Chefs – create marijuana-infused foods such as cookies, brownies, teas, sodas, and sauces.
4. Extraction Technicians – help make marijuana-infused products by creating marijuana concentrates.
5. Marijuana Industry Journalists – write about the marijuana industry for publications or blogs.
6. Vaporizer Sales Representatives – sell vaporizers for manufacturers or distributors.
7. Dispensary Security Officers – patrol dispensaries for illegal activity.
8. Trimmers – harvest and process marijuana for dispensaries.
9. Dispensary Managers – manage all or various aspects of dispensaries.
10. Marijuana Delivery Drivers – deliver marijuana to customers.

10 most popular auxiliary jobs the marijuana industry helps employ:

1. Lawyers
2. Accountants
3. Event Planners
4. Consultants
5. Web Developers/Designers
6. Realtors
7. HVAC Technicians
8. Merchant Processors
9. Payroll Services
10. General Contractors provides a free website for marijuana-related businesses to post available marijuana jobs and browse job-seekers’ resumes; while, job-seekers can freely browse and apply for marijuana jobs, as well as post their resumes.

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In Colorado Both MMJ & Rec Numbers Up

New Post From DankXDrank The trajectory is “up.”

Marijuana sales in Colorado are hitting new highs. Both recreational and medical cannabis revenues jumped 11% in August, according to the latest numbers released by the state.

Cannabis consumers spent over $33 million on recreational marijuana and $32.2 million on medical cannabis during the month. That’s up from $29.7 million and $28.9 million, respectively, in July – which also ranks as the first month that recreational sales surpassed medical marijuana revenues.

The state has reaped more than $45 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales since January as well.

You can see the revenue figures for yourself if you GO HERE.

Original and more complete story post is HERE.

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There is NO Cannabis / Cancer Connection

New Post From DankXDrank This is huge.

The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer. The new findings “were against our expectations,” said Donald Tashkin of the University of California at Los Angeles, a pulmonologist who has studied marijuana for 30 years.

"We hypothesized that there would be a positive association between marijuana use and lung cancer, and that the association would be more positive with heavier use," he said. "What we found instead was no association at all, and even a suggestion of some protective effect."

Earlier work established that marijuana does contain cancer-causing chemicals as potentially harmful as those in tobacco, he said. However, marijuana also contains the chemical THC, which he said may kill aging cells and keep them from becoming cancerous.

Tashkin’s study, funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Drug Abuse, involved 1,200 people in Los Angeles who had lung, neck or head cancer and an additional 1,040 people without cancer matched by age, sex and neighborhood.

Dr. Tashkin is responsible for lots of the government’s “science” on cannabis. Doh! There’s more.

“This is the largest case-control study ever done, and everyone had to fill out a very extensive questionnaire about marijuana use,” he said. “Bias can creep into any research, but we controlled for as many confounding factors as we could, and so I believe these results have real meaning.”

Tashkin’s group at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA had hypothesized that marijuana would raise the risk of cancer on the basis of earlier small human studies, lab studies of animals, and the fact that marijuana users inhale more deeply and generally hold smoke in their lungs longer than tobacco smokers — exposing them to the dangerous chemicals for a longer time. In addition, Tashkin said, previous studies found that marijuana tar has 50 percent higher concentrations of chemicals linked to cancer than tobacco cigarette tar.

While no association between marijuana smoking and cancer was found, the study findings, presented to the American Thoracic Society International Conference this week, did find a 20-fold increase in lung cancer among people who smoked two or more packs of cigarettes a day.

And cigarettes are a choice left up to adults to make for themselves. The light is going to break through one of these days, children. I really do believe that. So what’s wrong with that being today?

Complete original post is HERE.

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Cannabis & Colorado’s Governor’s Race

New Post From DankXDrank If you enjoy the sharp elbows of politics you’ll like the Governor’s race in Colorado.  Here’s a taste.

Michael Elliott, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, said the governor’s follow-up statement [after calling legalization “reckless”] did help smooth things out with many stakeholders. “We’ve seen a governor who’s trying to do what’s right, and trying to make this work,” Elliott said. “He’s got a lot to brag about in terms of the success of this program.”

Elliott and others argue that even though Hickenlooper has been a vocal opponent of recreational marijuana, he’s complied with the will of the nearly 1.4 million Colorado voters who supported Amendment 64 two years ago. They say he’s done his best to oversee an effective and safe rollout of a groundbreaking industry.

“We watch his actions in terms of doing the people’s will. He’s personally against it, but he’s doing a good job of implementing it. And those actions speak louder than words,” said Andy Williams, the president and CEO of Medicine Man Denver. (Williams was also one of the hosts of the August fundraiser for Hickenlooper.)

But that doesn’t cut it for businesspeople like Eschino.

“Great, you did your job. Congratulations. You did it, and you bitched and moaned about it the whole time, and you threw us under the bus every time you had an opportunity to do it. So he doesn’t get a pat on the back from me for that,” Eschino said.

HMJ suggests voters might find Mike Dunafon an interesting candidate. Just sayin.

It’s a good story. Find the complete original post HERE.

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MJ’s Book Look: Roll Up, Roll Up

New Post From DankXDrank Here’s a new book on rolling — Roll Up, Roll Up.

In the spring of 2014 Hail Mary Jane posted Wookwok’s “16 Joints I Could Never Roll.” The post has drawn good readership ever since. That’s a testament to stoner appreciation of joint rolling as art. As I started through Roll Up, Roll Up, I wondered if and how this small volume could find a way to stand out on a bookshelf packed full of “how-to’s” on rolling.

Well it did stand out — by being a fun little book. Joint-inspired art, an irreverent tone and cannabis. Me likey. How-to’s on the rolls, too.

We start with the primates from “2001: A Space Odyssey” worshiping the “Standard One-Skin,” then find Dirty Harry drawing down on us with “Magnum,” and stop in with Thor and Odin sharing a toke on “Mjolnir.” Some rolling books read like aircraft blueprints. Here, the first entry in the section called “Other Useful Things” is “PDT - pokey down thing.” You won’t go wrong in a place that acknowledges the existence of the “pokey down thing.” Trust me on that.

Two of Wookwok’s more challenging choices, the “braided” and the “scorpion,” are in Roll UP, Roll Up. Whether your desire is to enrich your own already astonishing rolling skills or need and want boot camp basics, everybody’s going to enjoy Roll Up, Roll Up.

You can order your own copy HERE.

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HMJ Classics: Heroes of Hemp — Steve Hager

New Post From DankXDrank [originally an installment in a series titled “Heroes of Hemp”]

If your enjoyment of High Times magazine goes back to the day, you have been influenced by the vision of our next Hero of Hemp, Steven Hager. He has a long list of accomplishments in the world of cannabis. You and I enjoy the Cannabis Cup thanks to the imagination and courage of Steven Hager. A true Hero of Hemp, yes?
Steven Hager attended the original Woodstock Music and Art Festival in 1969. He then earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from the University of Illinois. Following that he pursued a career in journalism, ending up as the editor of High Times magazine in 1988. Hager felt that the magazine belonged to cannabis, and he removed photos and stories about both cocaine and heroin from the pages of HT. Hager shifts HT’s focus to teaching readers how to grow their own excellent cannabis.

As HT editor, Hager introduced Jack Herer to the world. Jack’s knowledge found a receptive audience. Hager and HT landed the first interview with the Waldo’s, the creators of the “420” symbol. If you are older than twenty, you have read, and probably learned something, from an article or a book written by Steven Hager.

In 1987 Hager pursued his dream and started a celebration of cannabis which he called the “Cannabis Cup.” Held in Amsterdam the gathering started small, grew, and and continues to grow. As editor of High Times coverage of the Cup was certain. At the 6th Cup Hager started infusing counterculture spirituality to the Cup. 4:20 each day became a significant moment. Hager created the Counterculture Hall of Fame, with Bob Marley as the first inductee.

Just for fun, Hager speaks for the cannabis culture in a series of legalization debates called “Heads v. Feds.” There’s more on that topic HERE.

When re-legalization day arrives, expect to see Steven Hager on the front ranks, lighting up legally. LIKE&REBLOG

GroSkool: Roots & Vegetative Growth

New Post From DankXDrank With apologies to Sir Mix-A-Lot, “If you want big buds, hon, you have to grow roots, son.”  If you are growing your first cannabis plant with dreams of big, stinky buds to come, this is the lesson for you.  The single most important thing the grower does to produce big buds is to grow a dense, massive root system.  This is accomplished by giving your root zone treatments with beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Every manufacturer of nutrients has products designed to grow roots. Do some research on-line and talk to the people at your grow store. This is a crucial step in growing cannabis.

In whatever style you decide to grow don’t skimp or skip this phase in the life of your plant.

These videos are all tied to some manufacturers product. No specific manufacturer is endorsed, but the use of these products certainly is.

Let’s wrap up with some cannabis roots. Note that regardless of which growing style you use, YOU GOTTA HAVE ROOTS.

Take the time to grow a huge root mass. It’s worth all the effort. As ever, thanks to everyone who shares their knowledge. LIKE&REBLOG

Cannabis Can’t be “Certified Organic” per Gov’t

New Post From DankXDrank Here’s another of the inevitable work-arounds caused by the federal government.  A rose by any other name.

Emerald Twist, a recreational cannabis producer in Washington, announced on Tuesday that they are the first in the nation to be Clean Green Certified - the only available certified organic program for cannabis to date. Clean Green Certified is an organic certifying organization based in California that certifies hundreds of organic farms across the nation for the USDA. Products licensed to carry the CGC logo have been reviewed using the National Organic Program Standards and other International Standards for sustainability.

According to Jerry Lapora of Emerald Twist, Clean Green Certified is an equivalent qualification to organic certification. However, due to federal prohibition of marijuana, the plant cannot be certified as organic by the USDA. Lapora states, “Clean Green Certified is the organic certification for today’s cannabis world.”

Chris VanHook, owner of Clean Green Certified, says “This program uses all the same procedures and protocols as the USDA organic program. If the USDA were to say tomorrow that you can get cannabis certified as organic, everyone who is Clean Green Certified could roll right in.”

"Our Clean Green Certification ensures that you are getting an organic product. We are at the point in history when society needs to be responsible for its impact on our environment and our own health. Cannabis takes no exception to this," says Lapora, a long time organic farmer. Ryan Hamreus of Emerald Twist states, "Emerald Twist has been committed to organic production from day one. We are honored to be leading the cannabis industry in Clean Green Certification."

Emerald Twist, located near Goldendale, WA was one of the first licensed producers under I-502, the ballot measure that legalized recreational marijuana in Washington. Emerald Twist is supplying cannabis in the form of flowers and pre-rolls to retailers throughout the state of Washington.

To learn more about Clean Green visit their website which is HERE.

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New MMJ Delivery in L.A.

New Post From DankXDrank For our friends in the Los Angeles area a new way to obtain your medical marijuana is about to be introduced.  May we introduce “Nestdrop.”

Introducing the country’s firstin-App, on-demand medical marijuana delivery service for both iOS and Android, Nestdrop. Available today for alcohol deliveries for Los Angeles area residents, Nestdrop medical marijuana delivery service will launch in the next few weeks in the same easy-to-use app. Medical marijuana patients will be required to upload a photo of their doctor’s recommendation to Nestdrop’s securely encrypted vault to receive approval before ordering. Unlike other online medical marijuana delivery services, Nestdrop is the first to provide an entirely in-app marketplace experience.

"After our initial success with alcohol deliveries, we decided to expand when we saw how this platform could be used to bring difficult-to-obtain products to people who really need them," said Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher. "We began talking to patients and found a genuine need out there for improved access to this medicine."

As part of the simple registration process, medical marijuana patients must upload a photo of a doctor’s recommendation and Medical Marijuana Identification Card to order from Nestdrop’s medical marijuana section. Once manually approved by a local dispensary, which can take as little as five minutes, patients will have full access to the same medicine that they are used to getting in-person, for the same donation amount.

To learn more about this service visit the Nestdrop website HERE.

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4:20 Flick: Afroman – Because I got High (Legalization Remix)

New Post From DankXDrank I’m going to give you warning before you watch this video, it could get nostalgic and make you feel amazing. Everyone’s favorite Afroman, Afroman recently released a remix of his classic “Because I Got High”. The original was a classic but it did put stoners in a bad light. I love this remix. Shout out to our friends from Weedmaps for making this possible.

Everyday at 4:20 pm EST, there will be a new random funny video for you to smoke and laugh at. If you have a funny video that should be a 4:20 Flick, hit me up with it on twitter or send me an email at LIKE&REBLOG

Movie Review: The Culture High

New Post From DankXDrank


       On October 11, 2014 I attended the red carpet and movie premier for the movie “The Culture High.”  We arrived specifically at 7:30 pm, just in time to see the star of the show Jayden make his way to the red carpet.   The six year old medicates because he  has a rare seizure disorder called Dravet Syndrome.  Jayden looked stylish with his spiked hair and dark grey suit.  His family was by his side supporting him with smiles from cheek to cheek.  The executive producer Bianca Barnhill joined Jayden and his family on the red carpet for a moment to remember.  Bianca is a sharp, quick witted, and humorous individual.  She can bring a smile to anyone’s  face and the occasional chuckle.  

       The movie was powerful with updated medical marijuana information.  Questions regarding the future of legal marijuana are present and answered in this film.  A special touch of openness and honesty was added to give the film authenticity.  Anyone who has ever medicated or wants to should contemplate watching this film.  Artists Snoop Dogg, B-Real, and Joe Rogan provided cameos and offered their opinions throughout the film.  Overall, I loved this film not just because I medicate, but because there is actually more than just buying legal weed and smoking it.  The film sends a message to pot smokers alike, in that, we are the future of this planet and we need to take measures now to ensure everyone has the right to medicate freely without hassle.  I give this film two thumbs up for the great production work by Bianca Barnhill and the important information given. LIKE&REBLOG

Exploding Sodas in Washington

New Post From DankXDrank More growing pains.

Three separate marijuana retailers in Washington State reported that carbonated cannabis-infused sodas in glass bottles have exploded at random in their stores, littering the shops with glass and sticky, THC-infused residue. Zach Henifin, the manager of Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham, told a Washington TV station that “It sounded like a shotgun going off.”

The infused pomegranate-flavored sodas, produced by Mirth Provisions, were also reportedly blowing up at Main Street Marijuana and New Vansterdam in Vancouver. The incidents highlight how businesses are still working out the kinks in a brand new marijuana market, where many companies are learning from trial and error.

More detail at the original post WHICH IS HERE.

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Working Around the Banks

New Post From DankXDrank Cannabis will not be re-legalized in any meaningful way until our plant can open a bank account.  Here’s the next bend-in-the-road in this story.

What strategies are companies using to successfully open bank accounts?

Currently, bank accounts for dispensaries and other cannabis businesses are substantially opened based on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Typically, a dispensary bank account will be established in the name of a related party. Bank accounts are opened by individuals, in their individual names, and those individuals are related to cannabis business operations.

A favorite approach from my clients involves forming a new management company and then properly characterizing that company’s activities to the bankers in an appropriate but very general “business activities” category. For example, using the description of the management company’s activities as including client services that support “payment activities for clients.”

That sort of statement conceptually involves all kinds of payment activities for that clientele, as well as dispersing payments for their clients. In that circumstance, the management company’s clientele is in fact just the dispensary that it owns.

It seems this is where the “don’t ask, don’t tell” comes in.

It’s important to understand that merely because a cannabis business establishes this kind of separate account, a separate management company, it doesn’t obligate that separate company to disclose the activities of the cannabis business that it owns.

Sure strikes me as some bullshit, excuse my language. Put your hands on the wheel federal government. It’s time to forgive the lie, forgo any retribution, and fix the damn thing. Re-legalize the cannabis plant. The rest will sort itself out as we go down the road.

If you are staying up to date with he banking problem this original post is worth your time. FIND IT HERE.

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Free The Plant: Florida works on Medical Cannabis

New Post From DankXDrank This election day yet another state works to further its Medical Marijuana programs. This past June, Florida Governor Rick Perry signed the “Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014” into law. This allowed for for low THC plants to be used, the new law would allow for cannabis including THC. The bill does not determine how much is allowable nor in what forms, though it does create allowances for the Department of Health to create programs and procedures for a medical marijuana program as well as allow prescriptions to prescribe or recommend it for patients.  Here is the text from BallotPedia:

The measure, upon voter approval, would legalize medical marijuana. Specifically, the measure would guarantee the following:[1]

* That medical use of marijuana by a qualifying patient or personal caregiver is not subject to criminal or civil liability or sanctions under state law.
* That a licensed physician is not subject to criminal or civil liability or sanctions for issuing medical marijuana to a person diagnosed with a “debilitating medical condition” under state law.
* That registered medical marijuana treatment centers are not subject to criminal or civil liability or sanctions under state law.

The measure defines a “debilitating medical condition” as cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS, ALS, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease “or other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient.”[1]

The Florida Department of Health would be responsible for regulating medical marijuana. The department would issue and regulate patient identification cards and personal caregiver identification cards, develop procedures related to medical marijuana treatment centers and institute regulations defining reasonable amounts of marijuana for medical use. The department would be required to protect the confidentiality of all patients.[1]

The constitutional amendment contains six limitations on how the amendment’s language can be construed:[1]

* The amendment does not “affect laws relating to non-medical use, possession, production or sale of marijuana.”
* The amendment does not authorize “the use of medical marijuana by anyone other than a qualifying patient.”
* The amendment does not allow for the “operation of a motor vehicle, boat, or aircraft while under the influence of marijuana.”
* The amendment does not require accommodations for medical marijuana use “in any place of education or employment, or of smoking medical marijuana in any public place.”
* The amendment does not require “any health insurance provider or any government agency or authority to reimburse any person for expenses related to the medical use of marijuana.”
* The amendment does not require “the violation of federal law or purports to give immunity under federal law.”

Supporters of Amendment 2 say the measure will help people with debilitating medical conditions. Opponents, on the other hand, argue the amendment is “de facto legalization” of marijuana.

For a referred amendment to win in Florida, it must win a supermajority vote of 60 percent of those voting on the question, according to Section 5 of Article XI. This change was made via Amendment 3 in 2006.

This initiative needs at least 60% of Florida voters to vote yes, due to state laws. This can be a major obstacle but there has been increase in voter registration in the state as well, with independently registered voters on the rise. The weedblog points out:

Florida’s initiative process, and what it takes to win on Election Day, is one of the toughest in the nation. In order to qualify an initiative for the upcoming election, organizers have to get enough valid signatures to equal at least 8% of the last Presidential vote in Florida. For the 2014 Election, this worked out to 683,149 signatures. And considering that not every signature is valid, a campaign would have to gather significantly more than that to ensure there are enough to survive the verification process. That’s a ton of signatures. Compare that to my home state of Oregon, which requires less than 90,000.

To make matters even tougher in Florida, there are district requirements for where signatures have to be gathered from. For the 2014 election, at least 68,314 valid signatures had to have been gathered from at least 7 different Congressional districts. Compare that to my home state of Oregon, where signatures can be gathered from anywhere in the state. It makes it much tougher to meet initiative qualification requirements. It’s hard to find seven different parts of any state that are sympathetic to a political cause, marijuana or otherwise.

 So as you can see, even just to get the initiative on the ballot was a struggle. If you or someone you know lives in Florida, ask them to consider voting for this initiative, as well as educating them as to how medical marijuana is a safer alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. Link them to stories on this site, and others you find across the net. Its time to stop the war on marijuana and free the plant! LIKE&REBLOG

Harvest Fills Rec Shop Shelves in Washington

New Post From DankXDrank When Washington recreational sales began in the summer some shelves were empty.  What about now?

After an initial shortfall of recreational cannabis in Washington State, some retail stores now have so much inventory that they’re turning down growers. Chalk it up to a huge spike in supply as licensed cultivation businesses – particularly outdoor growers – complete their first major harvests.

The supply pipeline is so strong now that one store owner in Vancouver told a local newspaper that he will “never run out of product again.”

The entrance of more growers into the market has led to a noticeable drop in prices at the wholesale and retail levels. Some stores, for instance, have been able to lower prices on certain strains to less than $20 a gram vs. $38 a week ago. Washington’s new recreational market struggled after launching in July amid a severe shortage of cannabis, leading to accusations of price gouging.

Original post is HERE.

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